For several months now, I have decided to build my own universe, to develop my brand. Through this project, I develop a vision and products according to my desires. I am inspired by trends and I especially want to offer sustainable products, which will adapt to a multitude of styles and personalities. A careful thought on the design distinguishes the Idéal Neutre products.

The development of this project is rooted in a real personal desire. The desire to play with trends by questioning the stakes of a socio-cultural change. The objective behind this is that the products offered become a reflection of this transformation of our contemporary society. That they are ultimately a means of creating a community of people who will share the values of the brand.

This project is a great way to exchange ideas, points of view and positive energies. While having a precise and neat style. By the way, I'm Romy. xoxo.

You can leave me your contact here. I would share with you a few times behind the scenes of the project, my ambitions, the product design process or even the development of the brand and above all a lot of exclusive information.